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About us


The VILLBEK Ltd. – Electrical and Trading Limited Liability Company – was established among 3 people in1989 in Szeged. Our company produces electric safety technological equipments and appliances, we retail electrical and communication engineering products and sell labour safety equipments.

Our activities expand all over Hungary and we do businesses with numerous Europian countries. We satisfy the needs of the most successful Hungarian electrical companies on high level as supplier.

The Villbek Ltd. works quality management system according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.
Our aims in the future are to serve our customers all-inclusivly with the best quality, augment our foreign businesses, install the integrated administrative system, development and installation into the energetic industry of our products manufactured by us. Furthermore, high technology transfer in the manufacturing of our products. The number of our employees have been increasing to 28 people for more than 25 years and this can prove the efficiency and the iprovement of our company.

Our watchword

The quality, safety and efficiency are the pledge of the future!

The Villbek Ltd. contributes to the development of Szeged city with our efficient activities of 25 years to hope it will continue in the future.