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KÖF-C-9004 earthing clamp

Connecting copper wire to the clamp type KÖF-C-9004, we can get an earthing short-circuitung device. The earthing whip can be connected to rail or wire type earthing bus bars of transformers or power plants.

Recommended products

KÖF-C-9002/3 Phase clamp

The KÖF-C-9002/3 phase clamp can be built in or can be connected to various operating rods and with copper wire we can get an earthing/short-circuiting device.


The KIF-2011 BR earthing and short-circuiting equipment is for earthing and short-circuiting of low-voltage bared and insulated overhead line segment that have been disconnected


  • Universal-bayonet
  • Product code: 536413


  • Hexagon-bayonet
  • Product code: 536461


The VK-O-50-6 (50 mm² wire) earthing and short circuiting device is to earth and short circuit the overhead network per phase.