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VK-E-3000/R one section earthing rod set

  • One section operating rod, type VK-E-3000 (rated voltage of the rod 120 kV)
  • Phase clamp type KN-9005 / PC
  • Earthing clamp type KÖF-C-9004
  • Wire with cross sections of 50, 70, 95 mm2 (lenght of wire 4,5 m)
VK-E-3000/R one section earthing rod set EN 61230 EN 60832
Cross section of the wire Without wire 50 mm2 70 mm2 95 mm2 120 mm2
Thermic limit current - 10 kA /1 s 16 kA /1 s 20 kA /1 s 21 kA /1 s
Dynamic limit current - 25 kA 40 kA 50 kA 53 kA
Product code of the set 547158 547150 547152 547154 547156



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