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 VK-W-2006 phase clamp  EN 61230
 Thermic limit current  23 kA/1 s
 18 kA/2 s
 Dynamic limit current  57,5 kA/1 s
 Gripping capacity  Ø6-23 mm
 Product code  a: 547850
 b: 547851
 c: 547852
 d: 547853
 e: 547854
 g: 547856



Recommended products


The earthing / short-circuiting devices are for earthing and short-circuiting of the leads on the low voltage insulated networks, on the specified point.

KÖF-C-9002/3 Phase clamp

The KÖF-C-9002/3 phase clamp can be built in or can be connected to various operating rods and with copper wire we can get an earthing/short-circuiting device.

Earthing magnet lock VK-FMZ04

The earthing magnet lock is suitable to 600-1500 V rated public transport purpose electrical DC earthing networks.